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TerraLithium Receives Affirmation of Patents for
Foundational Lithium Production Processes and Technologies


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Lithium is a critical element for the United
States and countries around the world, but its availability is controlled by a handful of suppliers. 


It's time we brought secure options to its availability and purity to its production. 

Conventional lithium production has significant environmental challenges, from South American facilities that burn through 500,000 gallons of water per ton of lithium to invasive mining operations.  


Driven by the rise of electric vehicles and proliferation of lithium-ion batteries in our modern electronic devices, it’s estimated that the global market for lithium, currently around 250,000 metric tons, will increase up to five-fold in the next decade. The world needs a new, low environmental impact and reliable source of lithium to fill this critical need in our global energy transition. 


TerraLithium can make the most of both business opportunities and a nation's natural resources—while doing it all more responsibly. 

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TerraLithium gives manufacturers a more responsible way to source ultra-pure lithium. By upcycling geothermal and other brines, and applying proprietary technology and a world-class track record of engineering and project development skills, TerraLithium provides the solutions needed today. Specific to the American manufacturing sector, TerraLithium brings:

  • Responsibly-sourced, environmentally-friendly lithium

  • Superior purity for more competitive end use products

  • Secure, domestic supply for the American market

  • Low-cost production methods that keep prices competitive

  • A vast patent portfolio including those from Simbol Materials and All American Lithium


The world is in the middle of a great carbon emissions transition, shifting from a mindset of inevitability to one of accountability. The successful electrification of the transportation and other sectors of our economy require reliable, affordable supply chains of critical materials. TerraLithium’s safe, responsible supply will ensure that the United States can source the lithium it needs for this transition in a way that works for everyone—including future generations.

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While our technology may seem complex, the approach is simple: efficient systems make the most of the resources at hand.  

TerraLithium's technology integrates into existing geothermal plants to "borrow" the geothermal waste brine they produce within their normal course of operation. Enriched with minerals and metals such
as lithium, these hot saline solutions are normally considered a waste stream because the energy has already been removed via geothermal operations. But TerraLithium transforms them into a reliable way to produce some of the purest lithium on the planet. 


This process yields:

  • Minimal footprint and environmental impact

  • High-purity lithium optimized for long battery life

  • Replicable design for scale-up and cost efficiency

  • Integrated processing efficiencies

And TerraLithium's technology is not limited to geothermal brines—any brine with lithium is a candidate—opening up a world of possibilities. 



TerraLithium is giving manufacturers a path forward for more responsible lithium production. And it's all driven by the values of our leadership, partners, investors and customers. 

Core Values

Environmental Responsibility 

Lithium production should have a minimal impact on the environment. The ends do not justify the means when it comes to production methods that operate at the expense of future generations.


Security of Supply

These days people are all too aware of the downside associated with outsourcing critical feedstocks and commodities. By producing in the United States, TerraLithium allows U.S. manufacturers to retain supply chain security.

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Customer Responsibility

When you deliver a superior product, the market will respond. That's why we take pride in producing lithium of the utmost purity, so our customers can get more value and be more competitive themselves. 


Economic Responsibility

It's in everyone's interest when production costs are kept in check. TerraLithium's innovative extraction approach means we can manage production expenses in a way that ensures competitive prices for customers. 

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Resource Responsibility

It's important to make the most of all our natural resources. TerraLithium's resource-light lithium production methodology allows for the preservation of water, land, timber and other precious resources. 


Social Responsibility 

Sure, we're all about technology. But treating people well is the point, from our customers and their customers to TerraLithium's employees, communities and investors. We're not just making lithium; we're making a legacy. 


Interested in sourcing lithium responsibly? Reach out. Just complete the fields below and we'll be in touch soon. 

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